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Livery Schools Link was formed in 2003 from the former Adoption of Schools Working Party of LOGVEC which itself had been formed under the Lord Mayoralty of Sir Francis McWilliams in 1992/3 to help promote the traditional involvement of the Livery Companies in education and training. With input and support from the then Guild of Educators, now Company of Educators, who provide LSL's Administrator and Hon Treasurer, we now have a wider role including providing support for the Lord Mayor's Financial Literacy Initiative.

We advise the Livery on the forms help may take, which can range from full financial sponsorship of a new Academy to individuals offering a few hours of time on an ad-hoc basis. We act as a focal point through which the educational community may make contact with the Livery. We act as a forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas. We also run occasional events for the Livery and for schools to develop the levels of interaction between them and encourage both sides to explore further what can be achieved.

Our Management Committee


  • Simon Underwood (Arbitrators) Chairman
  • David Taylor (Educators)
  • Phil Jones (Information Technologists)
  • Simon O'Leary (Barbers)
  • Philip Miles (Basketmakers)
  • Rick Thomas (Air Pilots & Air Navigators)
  • John Towell ((Air Pilots and Air Navigators)
  • Peter Walker (Public Relations Practitioners)
  • Eric Wilson (Woolmen)
  • David Steward (Arbitrators)
  • Maureen Marden (Environmental Cleaners)
  • Elisabeth Goodwin (Educators)
  • Paul Herbage (City Livery Committee)
  • Liz Skelcher (City of London Corporation)
  • Alison Truphet (Pattenmakers) Administrator

Our Members & Partners

Please use the links below to find out more about Livery Schools Link and our membership. If you would like any more information or to get involved, please feel free to contact us.

  • Livery Companies - A full list of our current members who support schools, together with links to their own websites.

  • Our Partners Organisations - Information on the schools and educational organisations we partner with.

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